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The Force lost and I'm sad: A fans perspective

  • The Force lost and I'm sad: A fans perspective

The Western Force have lost 2 in a row, and I’m sad.

After the utter kicking that the Force handed out to the Waratahs in round 1, my team was felled in round 2,  – a game they should have won, but didn’t.

Just 6 days after the team broke their first round hoodoo, by beating the reigning champions in the first game of the season. Just 6 days after we were on top of the world!

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There was a loss, it was a shock loss, we shouldn’t have lost, but we did, so was our belief that we would win that as fans that we (the fans) were as emotionally rocked as the players were!

This is where the whinging started – at first a little – why did we kick so much – actually the Reds kicked way more, - why did this player have a bad game, why didn’t that player do this instead of that.

The whinging had started. It was hard to listen to, as I was disappointed in the result myself, but as a fan, as a person, as a parent, as a coach, I’m aware that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. As much as you plan, as much as you follow the plan, as much as you execute the plan…sometimes things go wrong!

Injuries didn’t help the equation and we were on the wrong side of several penalty decisions.  Fans were upset… people care enough about The Force that they were upset, actually sad, that we didn’t win.

The build-up to the first home game was a mix of excitement and tension. The hope that we were going to win! The fear that we may not! I always believe that the Force will win. I’m emotionally invested and I’m not the only one.

And then we lost a second game…

Players are gutted, and that’s a worry and amazing at the same time.

When players are gutted, they are running on emotion, and emotion uses energy, energy that could you used elsewhere – running, tackling, sprinting for the line. It worries me that they care so much!

When players are gutted, they care! It amazes me that they care so much! They care about the result, they care that they perform for the fans, they care that they are winning for us! This rebuilds back into winning. But, I wonder what the emotional toll of that is!

And as I said, I’m sad. Glum even! Not only that my team has lost. I can accept that they have lost, but I know that they will go away and work on coming back and winning next week.

But sad that fans, the Western Force Fans, who pride themselves on being welded on, who pride themselves on supporting through thick and thin, who pride themselves at having a go at eastern states ‘journos’ when they have a go at their team, have done exactly the same to the their own team.

Then the whinging got louder! Whinging that grew over the twelve days since the first epic win…twelve days, only twelve days! People had forgotten, fans had forgotten, and they were calling for players to be axed, denigrating players, those that less than two weeks prior they had praised… were only focused on the negative.

Why? – I don’t know the answer to this, have people lost the ability to deal with a loss? Lost the ability to congratulate the winner?

I know my team hasn’t! They looked visibly upset and angry at themselves for the result, but they still congratulated the winning team, still faced the fans after the match.

Why can’t people do this anymore? Are people given too much license for their opinion, and because of this, do people’s opinions count for anything? I hope not, for otherwise, that’s it! What the point?

Are people now finding more joy in tearing strips off everything, rather than enjoying supporting their own team, more than being a part of a like-minded community, more than their own team winning?

Has this type of gloating fan and sore winner reached the wretched levels, once held once by soccer players that dive for penalties?

The irony of me expressing my opinion while questioning others is not lost on me, and recently found myself very guilty of a similar act; eating humble pie is not delicious. Let’s hope that Rugby fans turn this around quick-smart!

Then, there are people that troll the internet and forums of teams that they do not support and get joy of baiting fans with extremely negative comments, and the type of people that go to a match and don’t support their team, but go to mock whoever loses, We all know these types of people, and yet no-one pulls them up on it, because the standard response from these types is – “(jeeringly) just look at the score board”…and really, what can be said to that, if your team is actually on the wrong end of it?

There can only be one reason for people to do this, and it must be because they have ugly children!

And so the next time you cross that bridge inhabited by internet trolls or sit next to such a type at a live match. Oddly though, they always seem to sit just behind you, and get right in your ear…but look at them and know that even if your team lost, they have ugly children!


Nobody’s actual, real life, human children are being called ugly in the writing of this piece.

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