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'Honey Badger' returns to Force and talks to media

  • 'Honey Badger' returns to Force and talks to media

The prodigal son has returned. Nick Cummins today underwent his first training session with the Western Force in six months, and honestly, it’s like he never left.

Cummins left Australia six months ago to play in Japan for the Coca-Cola Red Sparks. This was due to a number of reasons, mainly relating to family.

The Western Force faithful, and rugby fans alike were saddened by the news, despite the touching reason he chose to leave.

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‘The Honey Badger’, as he is better known as, only missed two games of the Super Rugby season before he returned to Australia.

This weekend he will look towards the number eleven jersey, providing his ankle injury is cleared.

At press time, Cummins said anything could happen in regards to selection, but he would love the chance to play against the Hurricanes, if his ankle injury is cleared.

“I’d be keen to [play]”, he said.

“Seeing the boys training again gets a bit of energy about you and gets you up on your toes.

“I have a things to run through today, just rehab type stuff to see if I will be right for this week, if not it will be next week.”

Talking about his angle injury, Cummins said it is mainly ok in true ‘Honey Badger’ fashion.

“I just had a bit of a clean up on her [his ankle], and now she’s just starting to fire up again, but it might need a few days.

“I’ll have a run today and I’ll find out from there.”

Cummins also commented on the lighter side of his season in Japan, saying he took away the positive side of the culture.

“I learnt how to bow, and how to show respect, over there they are big on it, and I like that. I think it’s bloody terrific,” he said.

“They’re a good bunch of people, they’re polite and they’ll help you out wherever you need it.”

We will find out whether or not we will catch ‘The Badge’ some time around this Wednesday, given the game is being played on Friday.

There are a number of factors that could account to him not starting the match, or perhaps not playing at all, but the Western Force’s power winger is back, and that is all that matters right now.

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