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Round 1 Force v Waratahs

  • Round 1 � Force v Waratahs

Right, it is here, it is finally here.

My advent calendar has got down to zero.

And as I hope to say one day - in an actual situationShit is about to get real!

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Its here Round 1! It felt like ages away, and it is here, it is actually here.

The excitement has reached levels before measured something along the lines of my 4yr old at a party being fed sugar with a shovel, washed downed with energy drinks 300 beats a minutes, nose bleeding down your shirt, losing your mind levels of excitement.

And I know Im not the only one.

This awesome competition, this rugby competition that not only builds tension from local hostilities, and adding in international servings of distaste! All supporters are starting to make a noise, starting to denigrate oppositions, colours being worn, lines drawn!

Its here! Super Rugby is back!

The buildup by the Western Force for its fans has been growing through social media, and internet forums, players and coaches doing their bit on family days and the fans, themselves building in voice and number.

Its here!

The Western Force is taking on the Waratahs in Sydney on this Sunday afternoon.

Its our International front row v their international front row a great battle and fairly even, but I think our mobility around the park, and our boys ability to scrum as a team will be in our favour.

Its our 2nd row of Locks v their 2nd row of a flanker and a big human being We got this! Our Locks can scrum, Our Locks can be lifted, and they graft. We got this!

Its our back row v their back rowand Im backing our lads! Their 8 running at our 7 (Force wins) our 8 running at their 7 (Force wins)The 6s I refer you to the nose bleed levels of excitement comment of earlier, someone is going to get dented, Im backing Angus to do the denting! 8 v 8 awesome battle, this is about attrition, Ben M doesnt wear out. 7 v 7 - Alcock v Hooper, both can run, both hard to put down, both ridiculously strong, and both will prove that the Force have the best 7s in Australia.

Its our scrumhalf v their scrumhalf. Ours plays with the power of a backrower, driving and pushing our lads. Theirs wails to the ref and flaps his arms. Im looking forward to Alby rag dolling Phipps. Force wins.

Its our backline v their backline this will be brilliant, the attack from both sides, the defensive systems from both sides oh wait, the defense system from our side only!!

There will be a lot of stake claiming going on here in this game, but with the Force playing for each other, championing each other! This will prove to be the advantage; our lads will hold more control.

This will be tight.

Its our Fullback v their Fullback Theirs can catch a high ball, Ours can catch a high ball. Theirs can run, Ours can run, Ours can tackle, Ours has good positional play, Ours can kick will be a good match up!

I think you know where I stand on this.

Its our bench v their bench this is another weapon in our arsenal we have another team in reserve, hands down - we win that battle!

Steve Walsh is reffing on Saturday, we just need to keep doing what we do and this will work in our favour, no rushing the ref, no shitty attitude to the ref, no wailing at the ref. We do what we do.

The Western Force is the last team to defeat the Waratahs, and The Western Force were the first to beat the 2013 champions, The Chiefs, lets combine that information and bring it home.

I dont know what will happen on Sunday, but as a fan, I will be backing the Force to do this!

To take the win, take it because it is ours to take.

Its time!

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