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Force fans - This is a call to arms

  • Force fans - This is a call to arms

Rugby is the closest thing to battles of old – opposing tribes, clans and long held enemies with treasure and resource the victor’s spoils.

Today Rugby matches are fought for pride and respect, giving men the chance to fight for something bigger than themselves, utilizing the team’s physical and mental strengths to exploit the weakness of the opposition.

Power up the middle, speed of the flanks, the hunkering down of the defenses!

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The King’s orders being yelled…

Reports have come out that Matt Hodgson has torn a hamstring potentially keeping him down for 8-10 weeks. A devastating blow at the beginning of the season.

Our Captain is down, but our team is not, the reinforcements are primed and ready!

Last season through sheer, determined, strength-of-character, our King and Captain, went to war every week! We had injuries, we lost important players and yet, Hodgo ALWAYS went to war!

We as fans know that injuries will occur, we understand that, but we refuse to accept the news lightly.

The rugby community must now pull together, not only for Matt, but for the team, and the men taking the role of on-field Captain – possibly Sam Wykes, Alby Mathewson or Pek Cowan.

We need to be full support of Chris Alcock and Brynard Stander, the players in the seven position. Chris knows the anguish of being side-lined through injury and is ready, ready to go to battle for the Force, Hodgo and for us – the fans. He has been called upon and he will deliver.

Every week we expect the players to put their bodies on the line, to go to the frontline for us - to fight with growing confidence (to borrow from Churchill)!

We, the supporters, must do the same. We must go to the frontline for the team, we must never drop our heads, and we must never lower our voices. So to each of you, every one of you, it is every drop in the ocean that makes up the ‘Sea of Blue’!

So this is your call to arms, and now - WE GO TO WAR!

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