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Wallabies Vs England Preview

  • Wallabies Vs England Preview

The Wallabies international match against England tomorrow night will provide the wallabies with some unique and heavily weighted opportunities. 

The Wallabies squad is undoubtedly still adapting to the playing style of new coach Michael Cheika. 

Having been unable to defeat Ireland, who continue their undefeated run in Dublin, the Wallabies face the daunting prospect of finishing the Spring tour with only one win, should they lose to England tomorrow.

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If the Wallabies do lose it will be their worst Spring tour since 2005.

In the last test of 2014 it will be the prerogative of coach Cheika to quickly build the team chemistry in order quickly make players adapt to his fast pace playing style.

The same Waratah’s style Cheika is using won Super Rugby last year, and like the Warratahs it may take some time for the Wallabies to adapt. This style won super rugby last year. So you can’t disagree with it, right? But you do have to ask yourself, is this a world class coaching style? Will it hold up at an international level?

The game against England carries a huge significance, not solely for the Wallabies success for the Spring Tour. The psychological significance of this match will linger right up to the Rugby World Cup.

With Australia being in the same pool as England the Wallabies winning this match will be able to carry a certain psychological strength through to the world cup. Defeating the host team, on their home soil, as well as competing in the same group stage, the team will get some well needed confidence. 

Confidence is something that this Wallabies side needs. The psychological backing against teams that they have historically been greater against. To build confidence in these young players would provide huge benefits going forward. 

Its a huge game this Saturday. A lot is riding on the players and even more intensely on the coach. Four Spring tour games, it would look embarrassing if they ended the tour 1-3. 



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By Sean Harken

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