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What Happens in a Draw

  • What Happens in a Draw

Wow! Super Rugby will really let finals go down to the wire. I hope each team has at least three kicking options ready for this. 

Read below for exactly what will happen, step by step, if a Super Rugby final was to end in a draw. Anyone wondering what happens if any of the Super Rugby finals end in a draw?

1. Extra time.

- After a five minute rest period, there'll be two, 10 minute periods of extra time

2. Sudden death.

- If, after extra time the two teams are still unable to be separated, there will be another 10 minute period, where the first to score will be declared the winner.

3. Kicking competition

- If the teams can't be separated after sudden death extra time, there will be a kicking competition, which runs as follows

a) The referee will call both captains for a coin toss to decide who kicks first. 
b) Each team will nominate five players to take part in the competition. Only players on the field at the end of sudden death extra time can be used, anyone which has been substituted can not take part. Player in the sinbin cannot be used.
c) The five players from each team will place kick from three different points, all on the 22 metre line, as follows:
- First point: directly in front of the posts
- Second point: 15 metre line on the left hand side facing the posts
- Third point: 15 metre line on the right hand side facing the posts
d) The competition starts by calling the first player selected from the team kicking first to the first kicking point. Once the player has taken the place kick, the referee calls a player from the opposing team to take his place kick from the same position. 
The next two players (one from each team) will place kick from the second point in turn. This will continue until all five players from each team have place kicked (the next players place kicking respectively from the third point, the first point and finally the second point), or until one team is unable to equal the score of the other team within the remaining number of kicks (at which time the referee will declare the winner).
e) If it's still all square after that, then it'll become a sudden death kicking competition, continuing on with the same five players, using the same kicking points, until a winner can be found.

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