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Moore news on the captain

  • Moore news on the captain

Stephen Moore’s first test match as captain is one that he will want to forget quickly. Within minutes of the kickoff Moore went down, sustaining a knee injury that sidelined him for the rest of the game against France last Saturday.

Moore's position as captain ensures the impact on the team will be significant. Time will tell if this impact forces the players to rise up in his absence or not.

Coach Ewen McKenzie has stated that Moore has injured the MCL (Mediate Collateral Ligament) in his left knee.

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"It's definitely a medial injury, what level I don't know, and the scans will tell us that, hopefully it's not more than that. With a slightly older guy everything's a bit more loose, but the scans will tell us more." (Sydney Morning Herald)

Depending on the grade of tear Moore could miss weeks or even months:

Grade I MCL Tear?

A Grade I tear is an incomplete tear of the MCL. In the case that Moore only has a Grade I tear he would miss between 1-2 weeks of training. However, from McKenzie’s perspective this is extremely unlikely.

Grade II MCL Tear?

Grade II tears are also considered ‘incomplete’. The rehabilitation required for this grade tear is a little harsher, usually lasting a period of 3-4 weeks.

Grade III MCL Tear?

The Grade III injury is a complete tear of the MCL, and most likely to be what Moore has suffered. People who have experienced tearing an ACL or an MCL would confirm that Moore will be enduring some significant pain and swelling. The healing process for any complete ligament tear will be quite significant. 

If Moore has sustained the suspected Grade III tear then he will be in rehabilitation for 10-12 weeks minimum. After his surgery his rehab will include exercises that will attempt to build his ‘secondary stabilizers’. These are the hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and the gluteal muscles that surround and help support the knee.

Nathan Charles from the Western Force has taken on the number 16 jersey in the backup hooker spot, and will make and his Wallaby debut on Saturday night. 

If it is the suspected Grade III MCL tear he will miss the rest of the Super Rugby, meaning he will be unable to play for the Brumbies in the Super Rugby playoffs. This is a devastating blow for a side showing so much promise with only three weeks left. 

How long do you think Stephen Moore will be sidelined?

Will he be back for the 2015 World Cup?

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