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Number One Defence?

  • Number One Defence?

You don't even need to look at the stats for it to be clear. Just watch a game and you will realise that the Western Force are the number one defence in Super Rugby.

As a team they are coming third in points given up, narrowly falling behind only the Sharks and the Waratahs. If it wasn't for the two shocking matches to start off the season the Force would be sitting well ahead of these two teams. 

Comparing the Force and the Waratahs is quite difficult at this point in time, as the teams have only met twice and both matches went two completely different ways. The first match was an absolute demolition by the Waratahs side who just could not be stopped against an unorganised Western Force kit. it seemed at this point in time that it was going to be another one of those very long seasons for the Force.

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The second match was a different story. The Force had 33% of the ball and the Waratahs had 66%. The Waratahs had 143 total runs and the Force had 52.But somehow the Force managed to win. People were wondering why and the answer is simple. Their defence was impeccable. On paper it seemed like an easy Waratahs victory, but the way the Force used defence to create attack was like something straight out of a rugby textbook. If I were a coach trying to teach my rugby team about defence, I would make them watch that game. Over, and over, and over again. It was completely flawless. Even on the lineout they won all of their own and stole four of their opponents own. 

You can't compare the Force defence to the Sharks, but just looking at the two teams it seems as if the Force are much more defensively sound. When backed up against their own line it is incredibly rare to see the Force give up a try.

Against the Jo'burg Lions the Force dominated possession, yet I didn't personally think they played as good a game as they usually would. The Force play better when they are under the pump against juggernauts like the Waratahs and the Chiefs. 

Looking at the Force without wearing black and blue glasses their attack hasn't quite been up to scratch, but it doesn't matter too much. They are officially a defensive team and arguably the competitions number one defence. We are sitting at 8-3. We can't complain too much, can we?

Written by Luke Worthington - Follow us on Twitter @wild_west_Fans and like The Wild West on Facebook. 

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