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Force's Best Season

  • Force's Best Season

It's reached that point in the season where the numbers are starting to set. The 'fluke' win over the Melbourne Rebels is now months in the past and the Western Force are sitting 7-3. 

Super Rugby history shows that no team will make the finals without securing ten wins, and it seems as if the Force are on track for this. A win in Cape Town tonight and a win over the Jo'Burg Lions next will mean a sweep of the South African conference by the Western Force, something not many teams are able to achieve. 

Sitting sixth on the overall ladder a victory this evening would most likely put the Force in fourth position behind only the Sharks, Chiefs and Brumbies. 

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Here are some highlights of the Western Force season so far, showing some BRILLIANT defence and fast offence. 

I say that defence wins championships, others say the Force won't even come close. I guess they just aren't used to them winning yet. 

It will be a big end to the season and the Wild West will be there, covering it the whole way.

Prediction: Force finish 2nd in the Australian conference and 5th overall with an 11-5 record. From that point on the finals will tell the story.

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