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Coming off the bye

  • Coming off the bye

The round 7 bye couldn't have come at a better time for the Force. They go into round 8 with a 3-2 record. Yes, that is a positive record for the Force!

After losing their first two games it seemed like it would once again be a very... very... very long season. However, a spark was lit in their third game against the Rebels, and from there the Force have become a 'Force' never before seen.

They have been led by an incredibly strong defense who are showing no signs of slowing down.

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We all know that defense wins championships and the bye will be no problem for the Force defense at all. It will stay strong throughout the bye week and travel with them over to Suncorp Stadium to take on the Reds.

The only problem the Force will encounter is their attack. Attack will come and go. It is all about how strong your attack is when you are able to use it. 

Offence was coming free and easy in the Forces games against the Rebels and Highlanders, and even in the Chiefs game they scored two tries.

Ultimately, this weekend against the Reds will be all about how well the Force's attack held up through the bye. The defense needs to give the attack a chance to score. The attack needs to capitalize. It's the simple. 

Will the Force's streak hit four?

Are the Reds too difficult?

Written by Luke Worthington - Western Force Page Editor - @lwtrey5

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