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Tuesdays Tough Topic #1

  • Tuesdays Tough Topic #1

Tuesday is a slow day in sport. The post-game wrap ups are done, The line-ups aren't announced and we are all waiting for Friday nights prime-time match up. 

Every Tuesday myself and the Wild Wild West team will think up a burning topic regarding the Western Force allowing us to interact during the early stages of the week. 

This week, the Force have come off a huge win against the Highlanders. They have a 2-2 record. Everyone has forgotten there woeful first two weeks, giving them a clean slate. 

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This week we ask:

How will the Force use their recent two wins as a momentum boost into the forcoming rounds? Will they be able to at all? Why are they suddeny winning matches after being such a non-factor in the Australian Conference?  Should other teams start to fear the Force? If you support another team are you starting to recognise the Force as a team that isn't just an easy win?

Comment your answers below and the best answer may be featured on Wednesay night.

Luke Worthington - Western Force Page Editor - @lwtrey5

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