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Top 5 2013 Tries by Force

  • Top 5 2013 Tries by Force

The win on the weekend reminded me that the team actually does have some fire to them when they want to light it. The scoring outburst in the first half on the weekend made me think of some of the great tries the Force have scored over the years, leading me to some research on the topic and well... how about this video! After a not so crash-hot 2013 campaign, Force fans can rejoice with this reminder of the flashes of brilliance seen throughout the 2013 season. 

Here is the video, as voted by YOU, the fans!

5. Alby Mathewson being... well Alby Mathewson! - Mathewson gets the ball passed straight to him off a lineout and uses that terrific footwork of his to burst straight through the Wellington defence, and does it himself all the way to the try line without being touched

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4. A huge surprise by Angus Cotrell. You know when a player knows the game when they can intercept a ball like that! And just to top it off go straight past everyone and score before the Bulls even knew what was happening!

3. Nothing like watching a pass get flicked to a fast young player straight through traffic, leading to an open run for a try!

2. A classic one-two pass. Godwin, to Hayward back to Godwin for a short sprint and the emphatic dive across the line to put the Force back in front!

1. Well... You guys can just watch this one!

Written by Western Force Page Editor Luke Worthington - @lwtrey5



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